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Pics of the day – Niubi Festival gallery from Korjaamo, Friday (part II)


Bo Ningen blew what was left of people’s minds after a hard day’s night at Korjaamo. Jussi Rastas took photos of Niubi Festival’s psychedelic mayhem on Friday. Continue reading »

Niubi Festival program complete: new acts include e.g. Filastine & Nova (US/ID), Chui Wan (CN), Gangzi & Votkin…


The programme of Niubi Festival, which takes place at Korjaamo and Lasipalatsi’s mbar 4–6 September, is now complete. The mixed plate of Asian and Finnish alternative acts got even more mixed up! Continue reading »

Niubi Festival’s lineup just keeps getting tighter: The Trees and the Wild (ID), AM444 (CN), Aavikko feat. Kabar…

The Trees and the Wild

Bo Ningen (JP), The Trees and the Wild (ID), AM444 (CN), Aavikko feat. Kabar, Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L, Siinai, Death Hawks, Mr. Peter Hayden, DJ Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies, Sham Palace), DJ Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska) – even more to come! Continue reading »

Bo Ningen (JP) to headline the first Niubi Festival in Helsinki

Bo Ningen plays at Korjaamo on Fri 5 Sep. (Photo: Cat Stevens)

Two venues, three days – Niubi Festival presents Asian & Finnish alternative acts in September. Continue reading »

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