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The founder of Rockinchina.com: ”The typical pop music forms in Asia start to lose their attraction on the youth”

Chinese "wall of death" at Midi Festival.

”Niche forms, such as indie, rock and other alternative music genres, start to burst out, and not only within the underground scene. That makes the whole Asian music scene more interesting”, says Yang Yu, the founder of Rockinchina.com. Continue reading »

Knucklebone Oscar hit China – read full report: ”Oscar attacked the head of festival committee during a drunken brawl”


Knucklebone Oscar visited Harbin Music Festival in China last August. There’s three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth. That’s why we had both Oscar and his manager Panda Paananen for an interview to tell their versions of what happened on the road. Continue reading »

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