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Pics of the day – Niubi Festival gallery from Korjaamo, Saturday (part II)


The second set of pics from Saturday by Jussi Rastas. Thank you, THANK YOU, it was a great festival! Continue reading »

Pics of the day – Niubi Festival gallery from Korjaamo, Saturday (part I)


Saturday night fever rose faintingly high at Korjaamo. Hilla Kurki captured the steaming atmosphere on her camera. Continue reading »

Niubi Festival in Finnish media: Bo Ningen & Tulegur Gangzi spoke their minds

Bo Ningen plays at Korjaamo on Fri 5 Sep. (Photo: Cat Stevens)

Rumba magazine did a piece on Bo Ningen and Maailman Kuvalehti wrote about Tulegur Gangzi. Continue reading »

Niubi Festival program complete: new acts include e.g. Filastine & Nova (US/ID), Chui Wan (CN), Gangzi & Votkin…


The programme of Niubi Festival, which takes place at Korjaamo and Lasipalatsi’s mbar 4–6 September, is now complete. The mixed plate of Asian and Finnish alternative acts got even more mixed up! Continue reading »

Off the Record took Gangzi into a circus tent – see what happened

Gangzi Off the Record

Gangzi finished his Club Niubi tour with an exotic video session. Continue reading »

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