Club Niubi presented Nova Heart at Kuudes linja, Helsinki. (Photo: Jussi Rastas)

Club Niubi is an event series / website focusing on alternative bands from Asia.

The word ”Niubi” is pinyin form of two characters that mean separately ”cow pussy”. But when two Chinese characters (牛屄) are combined the meaning changes. Niubi translates to ”awesome / capable (vulgar) / arrogant / cocky / bastard (vulgar)”. The word can also be heard at gigs and clubs in China. When for example someone plays a great solo audience might shout ”Niubi!”.


E-mail: forename(at)
Postal address: Mechelininkatu 51 b 28, 00250 Helsinki, Finland

Olavi Paananen

main promoter
+358 50 413 5609

Janne Flinkkilä

editor /
+358 440 755 525

Esa Kandelberg
Esa Kandelberg

+358 400 481 431

Liisa Nassir Tolonen
+46 730 420 405

Henning Lindahl

promoter / Stockholm
graphic designer

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