Pics of the day – Niubi Festival gallery from mbar, Thursday


First it felt like just another Thursday evening. Then AM444 feat. Jimi Tenor & Desto turned the mbar terrace into a whirlpool of weird dance moves and left behind lots of smiling people in the dark August night. Continue reading »

Filastine & Nova: The weapon gets smaller, but the point gets sharper


Arttu Tolonen, a Finnish multi-instrumentalist of Giant Robot & Them Bird Things & Riitaoja & Black Audio & whatnot fame, tells a story how he realised who Grey Filastine actually is. Continue reading »

Video interview: AM444 ready to kickstart Niubi Festival at the free launch party tonight


AM444 from China/Netherlands will be headlining the Niubi Festival launch party at mbar this evening (Thu 4 Sep). Jimi Tenor & Desto will join them on the stage as special guests. Watch the video interview! Niubi! Continue reading »

Deezer presents: Niubi Festival playlist – soundtrack of the weekend


Asian alternative music is hard to find from streaming services. We know, we know. Until now, that is. Thanks to Deezer! Continue reading »

Bo Ningen: Go Weird or Go Home

Bo Ningen live at Korjaamo on 5 Sep 2014.

Bo Ningen took over Coachella and Primavera. Now they’ll conquer Niubi Festival. Arttu Tolonen tells what this Japanese foursome is all about. Continue reading »

Mr. Jean Ramsay: “Is Mr. Peter Hayden playing my subconscious like an instrument?”

Mr. Peter Hayden live at Korjaamo on Fri 5 Sep 2014.

Mr. Jean Ramsay, a seasoned music journalist and arts lover, had seen and heard everything. Then came Mr. Peter Hayden. Continue reading »

Niubi Festival in Finnish media: Bo Ningen & Tulegur Gangzi spoke their minds

Bo Ningen plays at Korjaamo on Fri 5 Sep. (Photo: Cat Stevens)

Rumba magazine did a piece on Bo Ningen and Maailman Kuvalehti wrote about Tulegur Gangzi. Continue reading »

Who? Where? When? – Niubi Festival timetable


Want to know who will perform where and when? Check the timetables and download the festival program to your cell phone. Continue reading »

Niubi Festival interview – Chui Wan returns to Finland

Chui Wan3

Chui Wan, a pioneering psychedelic four-piece from Beijing, will perform at Korjaamo Cultural Factory on Friday 5 Sep. Continue reading »

Niubi Festival program complete: new acts include e.g. Filastine & Nova (US/ID), Chui Wan (CN), Gangzi & Votkin…


The programme of Niubi Festival, which takes place at Korjaamo and Lasipalatsi’s mbar 4–6 September, is now complete. The mixed plate of Asian and Finnish alternative acts got even more mixed up! Continue reading »

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