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Pics of the day – Niubi Festival gallery from mbar, Thursday


First it felt like just another Thursday evening. Then AM444 feat. Jimi Tenor & Desto turned the mbar terrace into a whirlpool of weird dance moves and left behind lots of smiling people in the dark August night. Continue reading »

Filastine & Nova: The weapon gets smaller, but the point gets sharper


Arttu Tolonen, a Finnish multi-instrumentalist of Giant Robot & Them Bird Things & Riitaoja & Black Audio & whatnot fame, tells a story how he realised who Grey Filastine actually is. Continue reading »

Video interview: AM444 ready to kickstart Niubi Festival at the free launch party tonight


AM444 from China/Netherlands will be headlining the Niubi Festival launch party at mbar this evening (Thu 4 Sep). Jimi Tenor & Desto will join them on the stage as special guests. Watch the video interview! Niubi! Continue reading »

Deezer presents: Niubi Festival playlist – soundtrack of the weekend


Asian alternative music is hard to find from streaming services. We know, we know. Until now, that is. Thanks to Deezer! Continue reading »

Bo Ningen: Go Weird or Go Home

Bo Ningen live at Korjaamo on 5 Sep 2014.

Bo Ningen took over Coachella and Primavera. Now they’ll conquer Niubi Festival. Arttu Tolonen tells what this Japanese foursome is all about. Continue reading »

Mr. Jean Ramsay: “Is Mr. Peter Hayden playing my subconscious like an instrument?”

Mr. Peter Hayden live at Korjaamo on Fri 5 Sep 2014.

Mr. Jean Ramsay, a seasoned music journalist and arts lover, had seen and heard everything. Then came Mr. Peter Hayden. Continue reading »

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