Niubi Festival’s lineup just keeps getting tighter: The Trees and the Wild (ID), AM444 (CN), Aavikko feat. Kabar…

The Trees and the Wild

Sep 4–6 2014, Korjaamo & mbar, Helsinki

Niubi Festival brings together alternative music from Asia and Finland and takes place at Korjaamo and mbar on September 4–6. Previously, the festival has announced the inclusion of Japanese Bo Ningen as well as domestic artists Siinai, Death Hawks and Mr. Peter Hayden.

Re-TROS from China has unfortunately been forced to cancel due to changes with the band’s lineup, but there are plenty of new artists to come.

The Trees and The Wild from Indonesia has rise to become one of the top alternative bands in Southeast Asia. When the band, led by the charismatic Remedy Walon, released its debut in 2009, Roling Stone immediately named it one of the “must-see” bands of 2009. In 2001, Time Magazine  called the Jakarta-based act the hottest new Asian band on the scene.

Niubi brought The Trees and the Wild to Finland in the fall of 2012 to play at Dubrovnik in Helsinki and at the Monsters of Pop festival in Tampere. Audiences were dumbfounded: one audience member sank into a trance while another burst out crying, because she hadn’t experienced anything like it since the first few times she saw Sigur Rós live.

We’re pretty confident that The Trees and The Wild’s performance at Niubi Festival will be one of the most unforgettable gigs of 2014!

Another addition to the Niubi Festival lineup is AM444 from China, performing as a part of the festival opening festivities at the mbar terrace on September 4.  The duo was born when singer-songwriter and MC ChaCha, who already had a degree of notoriety in the Chinese underground scene, met veteran Dutch producer and DJ Jay.Soul, who’d moved to the megacity of Shanghai to find himself, like some people do in Berlin or New York.

AM444 sound has been described as exotic but urban, with influences ranging from Björk to J Dilla and Portishead to Little Dragon. All of this is topped by ChaCha’s unique and warm voice, which makes Mandarin Chinese sound oddly familiar to European ears.

Siilinjärvi-based “Synthesator Disco” band Aavikko is sure to be one of the weekend’s most eagerly awaited Finnish bands. Their recipe for success is simple: “We play – you dance!”

So that’s easy enough… but there’s a Niubi Festival twist. Aavikko will be joined by the mystical and mythical Kabar. Who the hell is Kabar, you ask? Well, let’s let one of the band’s keyboardists Paul Staufenbiel explain:

“We met exotica vocalist Kabar in Las Vegas on our US tour of 2002. Hailing from the Near Middle East, Kabar had just been released – or escaped – from Guantanamo where he’d been locked up under false pretenses. Kabar and Aavikko recorded a single called Eye of the Leopard in Las Vegas. We haven’t seen each others in 12 years.”

Pekko Käppi has managed the feat of making the ancient Finnish bowed string instrument jouhikko rock. He has left behind a wake of flabbergasted audiences all over the globe, from his homebase in Finland to the furthest reaches of Asia and America. At Niubi Festival he performs with his band K:H:H:L- i.e. Kuolleitten Hevosten Hillittömät Luut, which translates into “The Bacchanalian Bones of Dead Horses”. The band’s sound finds its raggedly hypnotic home in the Bermuda’s Triangle defined by  folk music, psychedelia and stoner rock.

In addition to live music, Niubi Festival offers the DJing talents of Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska) and Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies / Sham Palace). The latter is known for starting ethnographic music and film collective Sublime Frequencies in Seattle. The label is known for its uncompromising way of digging out obscure subcultures in surprising corners of the world. He has released numerous albums ranging from Cambodian field recordings to compilations of Iraqi pop and folk. Gergis’ DJ sets are exploratory journey’s that map out his incredible collection of vinyl and cassettes, spiced with visuals culled from Southeast Asian movies, Middle Eastern news broadcasts and everything in between.

More additions to the lineup at Korjaamo’s main event will be announced during August. You better get your advance tickets before it’s too late!

Niubi Festival at Korjaamo 5–6 Sep 2014

Bo Ningen (JP), The Trees and the Wild (ID), Aavikko feat. Kabar, Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L, Siinai, Death Hawks, Mr. Peter Hayden, DJ Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies, Sham Palace), DJ Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska)

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AM444 (CN) at the opening club – mbar Thu 4. Sep 2014 (free)


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