Niubi Festival program complete: new acts include e.g. Filastine & Nova (US/ID), Chui Wan (CN), Gangzi & Votkin…


Niubi Festival
4–6 Sep 2014, Korjaamo & mbar, Helsinki

Bo Ningen (JP), The Trees and the Wild (ID), Filastine & Nova (US/ID), Chui Wan (CN), Gangzi & Votkin (CN/FI), AM444 feat. Jimi Tenor & Desto (CN/FI), flica (MY), Aavikko feat. Kabar, Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L, Siinai, Death Hawks, Mr. Peter Hayden, DJ Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequencies, Sham Palace), DJ Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska), DJ Nevin

New acts booked to perform at the festival include American-Indonesian duo Filastine & Nova, Chinese band Chui Wan, Gangzi & Votkin, a duo consisting of a throat singer from Inner Mongolia and a drummer from Finland, as well as Malaysian act flica, rounding out the lineup for opening night. A real Finnish surprise is slated for the festival’s opening night at mbar, when Finns Jimi Tenor and Desto join AM444 from China on stage.

According to festival promoter Olavi Paananen, the new additions make Niubi Festival the most important alternative music festival of the fall season. Previously announced acts include Bo Ningen, a Japanese band with performances at Primavera and Coachella under its belt, and The Trees and the Wild, which Time Magazine chose as the most promising band in Asia. The domestic lineup alone offers plenty of value for the 16,50€ you’ll shell out for a daily ticket: Aavikko feat. Kabar, Death Hawks, Siinai, Mr. Peter Hayden and Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L.

“Niubi Festival is split into three distinct nights. Thursday’s opening club features a delicious electronic music appetizer. Friday’s concert at Korjaamo concentrates on heavier sounds, with Japan’s Bo Ningen spearheading the charge. Saturday is lighter and airier, with the festival coming to a suitable climax with a show by The Trees and the Wild,” Paananen explains.

Niubi Festival is being organized for the first time this year, but its based on Club Niubi series that has enjoyed a two year run at various venues in Finland and Europe, with dozens of successful gigs. Most of the acts have been from the Far East and Southeast Asia, but the club and festival are planning on expanding their geographical parameters even further.

“We want to bring here artists that use music to tell people about the present-day culture they live in. It may include elements of local traditional music or an emotion and message that communicates the Asian zeitgeist to us,” Paananen says.

Paananen got the idea to bring Asian alternative acts to Finland when working in China in 2008. Just two weeks before his departure, Sichuanin province was hit by an earthquake that left five million people homeless.

“Me and a few friends decided to use our free time to organize a charity music event in Chengdu to collect money for rural schools damaged by the earthquake. It wasn’t easy for someone as inexperienced as I was, what with all the cultural differences and communication issues. It was a crazy thing to do and it woke in me a need to do more of these crazy events, where Asia plays an important role.”

Niubi Festival’s new acts – Mongol grunge and shopping cart dubstep

Thursday’s club night kicks off with Malaysian flica, whose debut Windwane & Window was a success in Japan. He ended up on a Tokyo-based label Schole. Since his debut came out, flica’s music drifted in a more ambient, atmospheric and cinematic direction, until he started delving into Japanese hiphop sounds.

Tulegur Gangzi of Inner Mongolia is visiting Finland for the fifth time. He’ll play a special show at Niubi Festival, featuring Finnish drummer Niko Votkin, who has played with many notable FInnish musicians, including Knucklebone Oscar and Ismo Alanko. The duo played together for the first time in the summer, when Gangzi was in Finland for his latest European tour. Gangzi, who characterizes his music as “nomad rock” or “Mongolian grunge”, is at least as excited as the audience to see what happens when he gets together with Votkin again. Not many singers have a voice designated a part of the world’s heritage by Unesco, but khomei, the throat-singing technique used by Gangzi was added to Unesco’s immaterial world heritage list in 2009.

Filastine & Nova became a reality when audiovisual artist Grey Filastine, who was born in LA but has lived a nomadic lifestyle for several years now, got together with Indonesian singer Nova. Filastine mashes together the bass-heavy splashes of dubstep with acoustic sounds from all over the world. As Pitchfork said: “Filastine creates tracks so geographically and chronologically diverse that they sound less like ‘world’ music and more like music from another world.” Live Filastine uses percussion to fire off sounds and synchronized video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart. He has played at respected festivals like Sónar, a football stadium in Casablanca and everything in between.

Performing at Korjaamo on Friday, Beijing-based quartet Chui Wan record for China’s best-known indie label Maybe Mars. They get their name from Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi’s “Qi Wu Lun” (齐物论), a mystical work on the relationship between nature and human life. Chui Wan plays experimental, guitar-based noiserock that MTV Iggy called “Psychedelic surfgaze”. The band names The Velvet Underground as its primary influence.

Previously announced Chinese act AM444, playing at the mbar terrace, will be joined on stage by Jimi Tenor and Desto. The Finns started collaborating with AM444’s singer ChaCha at the Shanghai World Fair in 2010. A song recorded at studio sessions in China was later released by British DJ Oneman’s label 502 Records. The show at Niubi Festival is the first time this lineup plays live.

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Niubi Festival at Korjaamo Cultural Factory 5–6 Sep 2014
16,50 € / day, 27 € / two days

Friday 5 Sep 2014
DJ Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequences/Sham Palace)
DJ Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska)

Saturday 6 Sep 2014
DJ Mark Gergis (Sublime Frequences/Sham Palace)
DJ Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska)

Launch party at mbar Thu 4 Sep 2014 (free admission)
AM444 (CN) feat. Jimi Tenor & Desto
DJ Arttu Partinen (Mental Alaska)
DJ Nevin



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