Niubi Festival interview – Chui Wan returns to Finland

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Text: Veli-Matti Palomäki
Pics: Jussi Rastas, Veli-Matti Palomäki

In March 2013, Club Niubi brought Chui Wan to Europe to play for new enthusiastic audiences. Now, about a year and a half later, they will be returning to Finland to play at the inaugural Niubi Festival on September 5.

Since their first Club Niubi tour, the band has been actively performing in China and have already become one the bigger names in the Beijing rock scene.

On my trip to Beijing to acquire material for my upcoming master’s thesis about Chinese rock music I had the pleasure to sit down with Wu Qiong (bass, vocals) and Yan Yulong (guitar, keyboard, violin, vocals) and talk about the present situation of rock music in China, and, of course, the music of Chui Wan.

In the Chinese rock scene, the variety of musical genres has been steadily growing, but with psychedelic rock, Chui Wan is still a pioneering band: “I think there are still very few bands. The last few years have been a bit better”.

As Chui Wan already has a lot of experience performing both at home and abroad, I was curious to know what they feel are among the biggest differences between playing in China and Europe.

One one hand, there can be a difference in professionalism, as Yan Yulong expressed: “When performing abroad, the equipment can be a bit better, and the venues more professional. That brings a feeling of comfort on stage”.

On the other hand, as Wu Qiang put it, that comfort can also come from a different source: “Sometimes even if the equipment is very good, the venues [in Europe] can still lack the certain feeling of a rock club. That feeling can also bring a sense of comfort on stage”.

Chui Wan live at XP Club, Beijing, Aug 22, 2014

Chui Wan live at XP Club, Beijing, Aug 22, 2014.

I attended a Chui Wan show at the XP Club in Beijing on August 21, and with the exception of just one song, all of the material was new and still unreleased. When asked about their future wishes about music, both Wu Qiong and Yan Yulong expressed the importance of having new material released. “We have finished recording the demo tapes for the second album, and the actual recordings will start in October”.

The new album is expected to be released next year.

As for their second visit to Finland, both band members were confident that this time they will be bringing us even a better show. In Yan Yulong’s words, “the important thing is to play new material”.

Wu Qiong was also excited about experiencing some of the many other bands perfoming at the festival: “Aren’t there also Finnish bands playing? It will be a good opportunity to see some local bands”.

“We hope that our Finnish friends will like our new music.”

Chui Wan at Niubi Festival on Fri 5 Sep.
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Chui Wan

Club Niubi tour in March 2013: warm feelings in cold weather.



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