Bo Ningen: Go Weird or Go Home

Bo Ningen live at Korjaamo on 5 Sep 2014.

Text: Arttu Tolonen

Bo Ningen proves that you can actually recover from post-rock – even if you’ve walked into that particular cul-de-sac of grandiose but empty gestures and you’re standing at its dark end, a brick wall imprint on your forehead and nose all bloodied, there’s still hope.

As long as you go weird.

That’s what Bo Ningen is. Weird.

They’re one of those bands where, for the most part, you can easily identify the constituent parts of every song, but you can’t believe they put them together. Or that they put them together like that.

I listen to DaDaDa and I think of all the bands that have been robbing post-punk’s grave for the last ten years and coming away with a sound and a look instead of an idea and en ethos. Bo Ningen went there and instead of a haircut and pair of tight pants that scream for some pointy shoes, they came away with an idea – a way of doing things.

They sound like a band that likes to colonize the world outside their comfort zone. Why else would you marry Gang of Four’s guitar attack with a Rush groove?

But you know what? The thing I love the best is that they manage to be psychedelic without drowning the world in a mess of cavernous echoes. They do it by being weird, not by stomping on a box.

It makes perfect sense that the English band they would find most in common with would be Savages – another band that obviously thought a little harder than most about what happened as the 1970’s petered out in a brutish and cynical mess, making way for the 1980’s and more of the same, but with a nastier edge, thanks to all the coke and VD’s.

Go on. Get weird.

Bo Ningen at Niubi Festival / Korjaamo on Fri 5 Sep.
Presale tickets still available: click here to buy!
The entire festival program & timetables here.



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