Reizen reveals his influences – from Äpärät to Radiohead


Text: Oskari Onninen
Pics: Reizen & Liisa Nassir Tolonen

Japanese noise-drone-mastermind Reizen is performing tonight at Södra teatern, Stockholm. He told us about his influences and Japanese alternative music scene. Prepare for some serious namedropping & weird YouTube clips!

If you had to name a few artists or bands who have created the base for Japanese drone and noise acts, who would they be?

”Hijokaidan, Incapacitants, Merzbow… And other respectable and wonderful late 80’s–early 90’s noise/experimental artists’ influence is living still now. And most of them are still making fresh music. I would recommend Japanese guitar drone legend Youki Noseyama aka Diesel Guitar. You should listen to his original guitar-dronic universe.”

”There are many young noise artists spreading their scene: ENDON, Kazuma Kubota, Jah Excretion, Black Phone 666, Napalm Death Is Dead, scum, HUH, Cal Lyal etc.”

”Japanese ambient scene is also making high quality music: Hakobune, Yui Onodera, Hiroki Sasajima, Exportion, Celer… PSF’s new artists like Soldier Garage, Hisato Higuchi and .es have done some really nice works.”

Reizen Stockholm

Reizen freshly arrived at Arlanda, Stockholm ready for Club Niubi.

Who were your first idols as a teenager? What made them special?
”Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Discharge, Gauze, Bastard, Systematic Death, Pile Driver and other many hardcore bands. Of overground music: Radiohead. When I was teenager or 20 years old, I was surprised by album Kid A. Maybe it was a start for spreading the my music world.”

What is the last album you’ve bought? Was it any good?
”Jean Dubuffet’s Experiences Musicales (II) is crazy and nice.”

What is the most listened album of your life?
”Mirror’s Visiting Star or Andrew Chalk’s East of the Sun or Over the Edges.”

How deep is your knowledge of Finnish music? Do you have any favourites?
”I like Finnish hardcore bands like Kaaos, Äpärät and Terveet Kädet very much.”

Please recommend us a Japanese musician / band? What makes it special?
”Hasegawa-Shizuo. they are great. I think this duo has quite Japanese original psychedelic-drone sound.”

Club Niubi presents: Reizen & Estroboscorpio at Södra teatern, Stockholm 21 Feb 2013. Doors at 8PM, free entry.



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