Chui Wan still misses Europe – see the pics from their Club Niubi tour

Chui Wan

Text: Heini Strand
Photos: Chui Wan & Jussi Rastas

Chui Wan did their first tour abroad in March when Club Niubi brought them to Scandinavia (read about their feelings before the tour here). The Chinese band toured around Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and loved them all! Read the enthusiastic after moods now that they’re home.

Chui Wanp1922201365

What expectations did you have before the trip?
”We expected to get to meet and listen to many good local bands and experience the cultures of the different countries we toured through.”

Chui Wanp1922201567

How did your expectations meet?
”We did find out about many good local bands and learned a lot about the respective culture of each country we went to!”

Chui Wan2

You toured in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Did the gigs differ somehow in these countries?
”From the differences between the venues and audiences we could tell the differences between the countries we played in. We enjoyed these differences a lot and found them very enriching!”

Chui Wan3

What was the most surprising thing you came across during your tour?
”There were so many surprising things! To mention one, for example, we loved each and every song the DJ Henning Lindahl played after our shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg!

Chui Wanp1922254863

What were the highlights in the tour?
”It’s difficult to answer this one. But we can honestly say that we enjoyed each gig we played in every country and venue. Also, we have to say that the audience in all places we played in Europe was very enthusiastic and very polite!

Chui Wanp1922200738

How it feels to be back home now?
”It wasn’t easy to leave. It’s good to be back home now but we still miss Europe!”

Chui Wanp1922201325



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